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The Magnificent Scroll, Book 2 : The Feet

With the phalanges the inner god is still in swaddling clothes, as if asleep. Human creativity, represented symbolically by the number ‘five’ of the toes, is still a potential while waiting for the first steps. The seven tarsal bones preceded by the five metatarsals form the arch of the foot, the height of the curve highlighting the pull of the sky: the idealism of hollow feet and the practical sense of feet that are flat. But the dream of flying towards a far off light as Icarus did must be based on solid foundations, on the quality that is undoubtedly the most difficult for the idealistic hero to acquire: Practical sense. This is what constantly reminds us of the cuboid, the cornerstone and bone which comes before all constructions which soar up to the sky. And doesn’t the human body already have this biological architecture which soars like an arrow towards the world of stars? That’s why, in a different context, Hercules begins his apprenticeship on a farm, with daily work that involves physical labour and concrete acts. Traditional societies treat apprentice shamans in the same way. Carrying jugs of water, milking cows, chopping wood and spending long days searching for game are the essential anchors for those seeking to explore the uncertain shores of subtle worlds. When the time comes the astragalus – sometimes the astrologer – invites the person to take risks with their destiny because the symbolic calcaneus is free of the shackles formed by the numbing security of former comforts. Man understands deep down that he is ‘born of a tracing’ and that ‘I is the Other’. Finally the scaphoid and its Argonauts set off on a long, titanic voyage thanks to the awakening of eros: that of healing of the parts of the self that have been neglected.  
  • Éditeur : Réenchanter le monde (14 mars 2021)
  • Langue : Anglais
  • Taille du fichier  : 3727 KB
  • Nombre de pages de l'édition imprimée  : 44 pages
  • Prix : 2,93 €
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